On digital gardening

Welcome to my digital garden, my personal online corner where I share my knowledge organically, similar to the intricate networks found in nature.

Unlike a traditional blog or website, a digital garden doesn't follow a linear structure (and that is quite liberating). Instead it is a collection of evolving thoughts and ideas —my 'notes'— interconnected in a way that allows for a nonlinear exploration of content.

These notes are not static; they evolve, grow, and interconnect over time, much like plants in a real garden. As you navigate this digital garden, expect to find ideas at various stages of growth, from seedling thoughts to mature insights.

This space is a testament to the belief that learning and knowledge are not static but evolve as we do.

Enjoy the journey through my garden of ideas!

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Israel Roldán

Engineering Manager at GoodHabitz, one of the world’s leading EdTech companies. Passionate about building tech teams from the ground up while mapping executive strategy and vision into a high-performing engineering culture.