Passionate People

Since June 2019 I work here as a Senior Front-end Consultant

I provide internal and external consulting advice in almost every aspect of Web Development and Engineering: Front-end, Back-end, WebOps, DesignOps, Release management, etc.

As a Front-end Consultant, I especialize in cross-browser compatibility, responsive web development, micro front-end architecture and business critical systems. This is supported by a strong knowledge of web standards, performance and optimization techniques.

On a day to day basis I work with frameworks like: Angular, AngularJS, Polymer, React, Svelte and VueJS.

High calibre Javascript frontend developers

Passionate People is the leading Frontend Developer Consultancy in the Netherlands. We maintain a high level of JavaScript Frontend skill coupled with a passion for development whilst growing to fulfill the need in the market place.

Company information
· 30-100 employees
· Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Israel Roldan