About me

I'm most passionate about helping web engineering teams deliver their best work to enable business innovation on the web.

I thrive at the intersection of engineering management, web architecture, engineering and operations. While I have a deep love for building stuff, I understand that technical innovation is not just about technology, but about leveraging these tools to meet business objectives.

A summary of my areas of professional experience

Engineering management: Hiring, coaching, managing and retaining talent in engineering teams.
My approach is people-first, believing that with the right team, no challenge is impossible.I believe in fostering growth by encouraging the exploration of new technologies in low-risk projects, team contributions to open source initiatives, and the strengthening of computer science principles. Supporting personal mastery is a key aspect of my approach, as it empowers my reports to keep them motivated and fulfilled, helping the team excel.
Web application engineering: Architecture, development, deployment, monitoring and scaling
I've worked hands-on with full-stack technologies, utilising JavaScript, Typescript, .NET and JVM languages. My background includes frontend, backend, operations, networking, and sysadmin roles, both internally and as a consultant across various industries. I've successfully guided diverse projects from ideation to production: from on-prem to cloud-native,from static to ssr/isr and everything in between.
Speaker experience: Experience organising, conducting and speaking at multiple conferences.
I served as Technical Director of Vuejs Amsterdam, JS World Conference, React Live, Angular NL and diverse local meet-ups organised by Frontend Love. I have been a speaker, co-host and master of ceremonies of JS World Conference 2020 and Vuejs Amsterdam 2020 as well as multiple series of developer-focused content.

I got my education from here

2007 - 2010

Studies in Computer Technology Engineering (Unfinished)

Monterrey Institue of Technology and Higher Education (ITESM) ·Mexico City, Mexico


Diploma Course in Management Skills (112 Hours)

Monterrey Institue of Technology and Higher Education (ITESM) ·Mexico City, Mexico

My professional journey

In my 18+ years of professional experience I've had the pleasure to work with many organizations and teams on a variety of projects across different industries.

You can read more about it here:

My professional journey
Read a bit more about my professional journey

Israel Roldán

Engineering Manager at GoodHabitz, one of the world’s leading EdTech companies. Passionate about building tech teams from the ground up while mapping executive strategy and vision into a high-performing engineering culture.